Friday, March 18, 2011

Tressel gets caught!

Jim Tressel lived up to his reputation – a cross between a weasel and a slime ball.  I’m thrilled he finally got caught, and caught at a big one.  Not only did he get caught violating rules, he’s been caught covering up.

All eleven NCAA football coaches who have been caught not reporting violations to their superiors have been fired.  The press is saying that Tressel seems to be keeping his job because he’s a winner.  I say he’s keeping his job because his superiors are just as rotten as he is.  The OSU president, Gordon Gee stating at the recent news conference: “Are you kidding me? ... I'm just hoping the coach doesn't dismiss me.”  How many of you could break a major “company” rule and have your boss say that?

The OSU could have avoided a lot of bad press had they simply given Tressel a more just punishment.  The weak punishment will only bring greater scrutiny by the NCAA and hopefully the sanctions will be all the tougher.  I mean, how can players be suspended for five games for selling merchandise, and their coach who lies about is only suspended for two?

I say let the OSU keep their coach if that’s the kind of guy they wanting running their program.  However, I implore to the NCAA that they suspend him for the full upcoming season.

The tide is turning, with Michigan on the rise, and the OSU leaking.