Thursday, February 3, 2011

National Signing Day 2011

First, I think it’s ridiculous that high schoolers announcing where they are choosing to play college football is a national sports event.  I guess that’s what happens when cable stations have too much time on their hands.

Regarding the national signing holiday and the Hoke Era at the University of Michigan, we’re off to a very good start.  Though many had written off this year’s class as a result of the coaching change, Hoke and his staff finished strong.  More importantly, Hoke’s first class exceeded expectations.  If Hoke keeps it up we’ll be in good shape soon enough.  

Compare the new Hoke era to the rough start of the former Rodriguez era – not an ounce of bad press on his San Diego departure, he didn’t lose his prize recruit to the OSU, and not one defection from the football team.

Hoke is proud to be a Michigan Man, and it shows.  He is no different than the few who might be reading this post on my new and unknown blog.  Hoke is captivated by the Michigan Football and when one loves the program and his job as much as Hoke does, magic can happen.  Though this may not go down as one of the greatest classes ever, it’s a class to be proud of.   Now, let’s watch the new recruits exceed expectations.

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