Wednesday, January 12, 2011

He would have walked across the country for this job

…and he told Brandon in the first four seconds of his interview that Michigan was his dream job.

…and he agreed to take the job even before the subject of money had been discussed.

…and he stated that he will be in Ann Arbor forever given the opportunity to do so.

Brady Hoke's words summed up how I feel as a UofM fan.  There is a commitment to Michigan in Hoke that equals and rivals any true blue Michigan fan.  Simply for that reason, I believe Michigan Football is now, already, on the upswing.

In his introductory press conference Brady spoke about a foundation of toughness, and about believing in who you are, and about believing and being true to your principals.  He was present, he was determined in his attitude and his spirit, and he was passionate.  He was both sincere and authentic.  Any doubts I had on this hire are gone.

Brady Hoke is not the fancy name, nor is he the pick to make for big headlines.  Michigan didn’t need that – it needed someone who breathes maize and blue.  We got our man.  I believe Hoke will bring to the program what was so sorely missing during the RR years: a winning attitude. and more importantly, a winning formula.  

Jason Whitlock, Fox Sports analyst and Ball State alumnus sums up the hire nicely: "Brady Hoke loves hard. He loves his family, his players, his assistant coaches, Ball State football and Michigan football. You think winning 12 games and getting into the BCS conversation is difficult at Stanford? Try doing it at Ball State.   Hoke  loves Ann Arbor. He'd crawl on hot, broken glass to work inside Schembechler Hall as the head coach. ... He has an uncanny ability to get kids to believe in him and believe in themselves. He doesn't do it with smooth words. He's not smooth. He does it by being the same genuine person day after day. ... He connects. The kids hang on his words, respond to his tough love and accept his discipline."

Hoke spoke to the importance of winning over the current players.  And to start recruiting immediately.  I would be excited to play for this guy.


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